The Pulse Platform connects specialists from around the world in self-configuring networks that enable research through applications and processes providing longitudinal de-identified patient records with real-time analytics. It allows specialist teams to access the patient information they need to further scientific enquiry, and improve quality of patient care. The strength of the network creates opportunities for clinical trials, empowering researchers with controls, support and data sets to conduct statistically-relevant studies. Transform from a siloed specialist by joining a vibrant community of thought leaders empowered with relevant data and advanced patient care. We call the data we capture “little data”, data that is relevant and usable.

How Pulse Helps You

Today’s health care system generates massive amounts of siloed data on disparate systems in multiple sites of care – patient information in the electronic health records, diagnostic imaging, prescriptions, genomic profiles, insurance records, data from wearable devices and personal data from social media. Aggregating and integrating this into “smart” data enables our users to personalize medicine providing deeper insights into populations and the disease itself.

The Pulse platform seamlessly interfaces with applications and can “push-and-pull” data across disparate systems in three ways – through HL7 standards, API libraries and bridge solutions. Construct, analyze and share composite medical records in real-time with our platform along the care continuum, across a single health system, or the globe. Automate processes that require data and services from multiple, previously unconnected, systems. Move beyond the constraints of EMR systems by leveraging relevant data in real-time across populations. Create Centers of Excellence through best practice programs and continuously improve operations and outcomes with comparable data sets and integrated safety, quality and cost benchmarks, which is especially compelling both within and across hospital groups. Advance beyond constrained local messaging to Pulse’ smart data: actionable, real-time data shared securely among clinicians, patients, and other healthcare professionals in mobile and stationary settings.

Data that is not usable cannot provide information or knowledge. Siloed data is even more complex to access and analyze. We eliminate complex user interfaces which slows you down with information overload that interferes with team performance and patient satisfaction.

Actionable data: how, when and where you want it. The Pulse platform offers user-configurable, role-based, secure access to your team across devices and locations. Dashboards configured by you and your care team are tied directly to your care paths so you can access data seamlessly when, where and how each team member wants it. Our comprehensive data mining, analytics and visualization toolsets are embedded right in the browser, making complex data pulls, analysis and reporting simple and fast. Alerts and rule-based best-practice care paths are provided in real-time. Visualize analyses, using our unique visualization tools. Our modular, open-source statistical applications can be accessed on a “price-per-drink” basis so you only pay for what you use.

New medicines, devices, diagnostics and care paths typically languish over 20 years before becoming standard practice. Evidence-based medicine promises to reduce variability and consolidate best practices, but issues of platform interoperability, privacy, ease of use, data security and cost have been technology barriers hindering adoption.

The Pulse platform is designed as a unified, multi-tenant system for easy, secure, cost-effective multi-site collaboration across health systems and specialist communities globally. Our workflow and registry solutions are integrated to improve the adoption of new interventions. Collaborators can pool study data across systems and networks, rapidly amassing statistically-relevant, linked data sets to identify best practices, automate protocols and implement improvements faster. Our networking technology expands clinical study and revenue opportunities. Participate in quality of survival, comparative effectiveness, economics, REMS, QALY, clinical trial/PMS and triple aim studies in stratified target populations. Pulse powers some of the largest clinical research networks for the world’s largest hospitals, employers, pharmaceutical and medical products companies. Our advanced technologies pool de-identified data across systems to engage research communities, close information gaps and improve outcomes faster.

Little data is aggregated, comprehensive medical records of statistically relevant populations providing actionable data. Between big data, where researchers hope to find correlation by crawling through large, unrelated historical data sets and individual data trapped in inaccessible silo’s within EMR’s and other point or legacy applications - is little data. Little data sets drive clinical outcomes today. Little data answers the big, real-time questions of causation in populations of medically-related populations. Do you have very large volumes of data? Pulse can unlock its value. Healthcare suppliers, providers and payers who want to win with little data choose the Pulse platform.

How Pulse Helps You

While focused, little data can still be massive in size, easily overwhelming archaic stacked architectures. The cost of downtime, whether planned or unplanned, can be enormous. Pulse deploys several multiple, redundant advanced technologies for high availability and rapid disaster recovery. Pulse’ modular, extensible, cloud-based solution is designed for rapid deployment and 24/7/365 global reliability for thousands of concurrent users. Processes millions of transactions at lightning speed using Pulse’s lean, massively scalable design. Our open source code and applications are more reliable, more available, and easier to manage and upgrade than expensive monolithic, customized enterprise licensed software systems.

Healthcare data is generated at a variety sources, in a wide variety of formats. Unstructured data like notes are time consuming for clinicians to generate and difficult to retrieve and analyze. Today, over 80% of clinical data is unstructured and growing exponentially as medicine becomes more nuanced and complex. Unfortunately EMR’s do not support unstructured data well – especially in specialty areas.

Pulse “multi-modal” interoperable solutions allow our users to construct a comprehensive, composite view into multiple structured and unstructured little data stores without sacrificing performance or requiring the up-front creation and maintenance of a cumbersome dictionary or ontology. The Pulse platform seamlessly joins, manages and analyzes structured and unstructured data sets across a variety of formats in real-time. By tying physician and nurse notes data collection to care path decision points, you can search, analyze and report across mixed clinical data sets at unsurpassed speeds.

Healthcare data is the most targeted and most often stolen data in the world today. Despite major investments, many healthcare providers and payors have been unable to secure personal health data.

At Pulse, all data is protected at six levels of security in state of the art, military-grade facilities under compliance conditions that meet the requirements of all regulators and often exceed HIPAA standards. Convenient, secure role-based and individual single-sign-on authentication systems ensure data is released only to authorized personnel. State-of-the-art data de-identification and encryption technologies ensure personal health information is secure within our network. Comprehensive closed-loop audit trails are generated whenever data is accessed throughout the system for all users. Pulse offers a variety of contracting arrangements to securely store and analyze little data sets flexibly and cost-effectively round the world with all of our customers.

The largest, most secure global industries in the world use cloud technologies to reduce costs, rapidly deploy state-of-the-art technology and enable customer engagement that vastly surpass traditional in-house technologies. Yet healthcare lags behind and traditional vendors as they are slow to offer game-changing cloud solutions.

The modules of the Pulse platform are designed specifically for the cloud. There is no external proprietary bolt-on legacy baggage to slow you down – just clean, dedicated applications that let you capture, analyze and visualize relevant clinical data. Unlike stacked solutions that require constant vertical balancing and alignment to scale performance, our platform is deployed in the cloud, which is infinitely extensible and scalable. Configure and pay for what you need and use, where and when you use it. Stop paying expensive license fees for obsolete systems now.

The Pulse cloud solution is:

  • Cost-effective – pay by the drink
  • Modular – use what you need, leave the rest
  • Loosely-Coupled Integration – supports continuous upgrading of each module
  • Scalable- up to Big Data proportions globally with minimal capex/opex investment or IT support
  • Elastic – scale up or down to meet fluctuating demand
  • Multi-tenant – share the scale of a worldwide network of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) users

How Pulse Helps You

Longitudinal healthcare data housed in legacy systems is valuable, but has been expensive and difficult to access. Pulse’ open-source solutions reduce acquisition, operating and support costs by up to 100x branded legacy software solutions like Oracle or SAS. Pulse can support hybrid solutions if users want to maintain their legacy environments and we can skin the user interface with your company brand, look and feel while reaping the rewards of the lower cost, more secure Pulse platform.

Clients of global systems need a variety of contracting tools and business models to be properly supported. In addition to traditional licensing and study report-based contracts, Pulse also offers its clients SaaS contracts.

Our SaaS clients pay as they go and avoid the uneconomic start-up costs that typify traditional licensed software contracts. Gain the value of functionality, data storage, scalability, reliability and elasticity instantly though the cloud.

Researchers and patients in emerging economies traditionally have difficulty accessing expensive clinical systems economically.

With its global reach and nearly unlimited scalability, the cloud is ideal for Pulse’s large global data applications. It is inexpensive to collect and store vast amounts of data in our cloud solution. Our users, regardless of location, can contribute to our research networks easily and economically uploading their data into the cloud. Subsequently, companies and researchers interested in accessing these cloud data, pay for each access, analysis and report on the data, allowing researchers to monetize their data assets efficiently and fairly. Pulse manages some of the largest specialist research networks in the world, housing longitudinal data on diseases that require global reach to acquire statistically relevant data sets.

Healthcare providers, suppliers and payors typically have slow, complex decision making processes and legacy systems that are architected with slow to deploy, difficult to maintain, expensive systems requiring large in-house support IT staffs. The Pulse platform offers an alternative.

Using advanced technologies and modern architectures means our applications are quicker to build, and easier to maintain and upgrade. We have global deployment support teams that pride themselves on empowering our platform users and delivering capabilities on time, on budget. Frequently we can deploy systems faster than our customers can make decisions. Pulse applications come with all the latest technologies and will evolve to provide the new features and capabilities you want.

How Pulse Helps You

Pulse is architected using model/controller/view platform model with loosely-coupled integration rather than a tightly coupled traditional enterprise stack architecture. This allows us to scale modular offerings. When we create or improve one module the rest of the application modules and layers of technology still operate without requiring changes. This gives Pulse the flexibility you need to rapidly configure a system the way you want it but still offering you the interoperability with the systems you need. Pulse supports software standards, data exchange standards, and industry-specific standards as needed, with up-to-date implementations that lets you stay ahead of the adoption curve.

Pulse uses a proven agile development methodology to engage our users, document use-cases and efficiently manage work teams during system deployments. What this means is that our solutions are responsive to the ever-changing medical landscape, where new treatments and genomics impact on the best evidence regularly. The methodologies iterate new functionality each week for user feedback and improvement. Our technical platform and extensible library of pre-built object components and wrappers enables our teams to easily build sophisticated LAMP-based open source applications that have highly responsive and rich Web interfaces. This greatly simplifies the creation of data-rich mobile and desktop applications.

Supplementing our modern architecture, Pulse has built-in support for unit testing, deployment, and maintenance of the Pulse platform. Pulse also takes full advantage of object technologies, making them easily customizable and extensible to shorten time-to-market and platform upgrades and to reduce maintenance costs