How healthieTM Works

Pulse Infoframe is data-driven, real-world evidence research focused, and adept at establishing and maintaining multi-stakeholder collaboration that propels research forward. We are skilled in nuances of data ingestion, integration and curation and, most importantly, experienced in engaging and empowering the patient voice.

Validated Instruments
Image of a lyre, a musical instrument  associated with Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, prophecy, healing, and music.

The quality of data that Pulse Infoframe collects makes its registries unique. Our CEO, Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, is one of the world's leading experts in effective validated instruments—the science of asking the right questions to get the right answers. By focusing on quality measurements, Pulse Infoframe provides the most reliable outcome data for healthcare analysis in the industry.

healthieTM tracks patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)—without PROMs, all we know is the most frequently used treatments for patients of a certain archetype. This 'standard of care' is becoming increasingly obsolete in the age of precision medicine. PROMs allow us to gauge the effectiveness of each treatment in a specific circumstance.

Graphic representation of a group of retrospective and prospective observational outcome data (disease registries, wearables, electronic medical records, and consumer, pharmaceutical, lab and biomarker, mortality, social media, pharmacy, hospital, claims, and survey data. This data flows into a box which contains Patient Reported Outcomes, Clinical Disease Registries, and Clinical Data Hubs. This moves into the final box, Real World Evidence and Transformative treatments. This graphic is intended to show how outcome data can be used and processed into real world evidence which can transform treatments.

While many data providers have attempted to collate clinical data from a variety of sources, error rates in even the best integration process can lead to misleading conclusions about treatments. The healthieTM platform securely collects real-world data at the point of patient care to reduce errors and help generate treatments and insights.

This graphic is a flowchart. Uniform data entry from clinicians and patients moves into the healthie platform through registry forms, ensuring the data is consistent from the source. At the same time, external data from EHRs, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies is moving into healthie through vocabulary mapping, which takes disparate terms for the same condition and standardizes them. Both forms of data enter the controlled vocabulary box inside the healthie platform, which ensures that terms are uniform within the data. Finally, the data enters the healthie database in its cleaned, consolidated form. This is intended to show how the healthie platform can take many types of data and standardize them for ease of use.