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Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers
Answering healthcare's central question: What works for patients like mine?

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests operational efficiency can be increased through 'standardization' of care, reducing unwarranted variability. The lack of real-world evidence (RWE) is one of the major obstacles to realizing standardization of care. Access to evidence can help clinicians and researchers advance their understanding of the impact treatment options may have on individual patients given their unique genetic and clinical makeup.

RWE is becoming the cornerstone of investigating both new and existing therapies to better understand the effectiveness of treatment on patient reported outcomes and to extend beyond the traditional focus on clinical outcomes. RWE can accelerate research and fuel the advancement of treatment and care options, especially where advances in genotyping and molecular profiling have provided a greater understanding of the biology of the disease.

healthieTM, our technology solution, follows the patient journey from pre-diagnosis to treatment in real time. It collects patient reported outcomes that form the basis of RWE to enable data-driven decision making.

Our modular, sustainable registry facilitates:
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Process optimization
and increased registry participation through intuitive interfaces and workflows that render complex data as easy-to-understand visual displays
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Standardization of care
and operational procedures with evidence-based insights
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Improved patient outcomes
and experiences through in-depth understanding of the patient's journey