A disease diagnosis can feel like being set adrift without a map.
healthieTM lets you share your stories with communities of people like you.
Connect with clinicians, clinical trials, and other helpful resources.
Keep better track of your progress and make sure you're always moving forward.
Find your community with Pulse Infoframe.

Many rare diseases and cancers have few or no effective treatments available on the market. For many conditions, a lack of awareness and interest leads to less funding for viable therapeutics. While the numbers of patients with a specific condition are small, there are actually an estimated 350 million total diagnosed individuals spread around the world.

At Pulse Infoframe, we have designed our healthieTM technology solution to support multiple disease databases. Our collaborative ecosystem enables scientists and researchers to mine data across diseases and advance treatment within and across therapeutic classes.

Our community platform considers the needs of the patient, offering:
  • Access to the latest medical information
  • A way to find others with similar medical conditions for support and collaboration
  • Real-world evidence to influence treatments and policy makers
  • Support and interest to fund relevant drug trials
  • Health information benchmarks