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Pulse Infoframe
The Need for healthieTM
One in ten people are affected by rare disease Three in ten children with a rare disease won't live past their fifth birthday It takes rare disease patients an average of eight years to receive a diagnosis 95% of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved treatment 50% of people with a rare disease are children
There are over 7,500 identified rare diseases around the world, which affect over 350 million people. Pulse Infoframe has created the healthieTM solution to improve access, strengthen communities, connect data silos, simplify clinical recruitment, and promote partnerships. healthieTM is a value-based, patient-centered service, and it can collect and curate the patient-reported outcomes that enable data driven decision making in real time.

The healthieTM ecosystem is the most connected, accessible, and collaborative environment available today, bringing together providers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, medical centers and patients.