The Need for healthieTM
One in ten people are affected by rare disease
Three in ten children with a rare disease won't live past their fifth birthday
It takes rare disease patients an average of eight years to receive a diagnosis
There are over seven and a half thousand types of rare disease
95% of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved treatment
50% of people with rare diesases are children

There are more than 7,000 identified rare diseases in the world, and genetic sequencing is discovering more every year. While the number of people with a specific condition is small, there are an estimated 350 million total people with a rare disease spread around the world.

Pulse Infoframe has created the healthieTM solution to improve access and strengthen communities. healthieTM can include all the participants in the treatment and study of a specific condition; it connects data silos, simplifies clinical recruitment, and promotes partnerships in the name of value-based, patient-centered services. This solution can facilitate and track evidence-based patient reported outcomes in real time and enable data driven decision making.

The Pulse Infoframe ecosystem is the most connected, accessible, and collaborative environment available today. It brings together providers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, medical centers and patients.